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A set of NFT white-labeled APIs for your business to build amazing NFT experiences, from free NFT claims to loyalty & rewards!

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We make it easy for developers

Winter's set of wallet APIs will allow your business to easily white label our wallet (and more)!

Check out some of the use cases we've supported!

NFT rewards

Reward a user a loyalty NFT after an action has been taken!

NFT items & games

Collect payment in game (e.g. Apple In App Purchase) and mint on-chain

Free NFT claims

Allow users to claim a free NFT to an email - no gas fees or wallet needed!

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Unlimited API calls

Custom throughput

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A whitelabeled approach to wallets

Built with customizability, security, and ease-of-use in mind.


We use the latest and greatest in encryption to keep customer’s NFTs and private information safe.


No more transferring crypto to a wallet and dealing with gas fees. Just use our APIs!

Speedy Integration

Integrate Winter’s APIs with a few lines of code. We can also help!


NFTs are always owned by customers. Winter can store the NFT or transfer to a non-custodial wallet

We make it easy.

NFTs in Winter wallets are completely secure, on-chain, and 100% owned by the user.

Chains we support

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